We make aftermarket replicas of rare and hard to obtain vintage RC car bodies and accessories. Any and all products are made by Team Bluegroove. WE SELL IN CAD NOT USD on site. The Canadian dollar is not worth as much as the USA dollar.

Thank-you for supporting our small shop. We do not carry an inventory of products. This means time is required to manufacture your purchase. We are a small batch shop and make items one or two at a time. Orders are made in priority sequence based on the date payment was received.

We reserve a maximum of 8 working days to complete this process. We will notify you should this process be delayed (examples are vacation or sales).

Please contact us at teambluegroove@hotmail.com should you have questions or have a rare untrimmed and unpainted body and would like to know more about our donation program. A very special thank-you to our donators who have contributed making the product line what it is today.

CANADA & USA Free shipping on orders $150 CAD

Ship your MCI Racing order together with your Team BlueGroove order!

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10% off 2 or more same body products

15% off 3 or more same body products

20% off 4 or more same body products

Inquire at teambluegroove@hotmail.com prior to ordering.